Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 8 - 10, 2011 was the Great Mid-American Balloon Fest in Olathe, KS. Too bad for Bob and Francie that it was a bit windy Saturday night when we went. Only three of the balloons went airborne - the rest however, put on a light show at dusk.

Francie was checking out the jewelry and so was Billy. I noticed that he "liked" rings, perhaps an under-statement. He was kind enough to let us get a photo of his rings.Here is a shot of Billy and his family.

Funny hats were in season too. Francie found a few folks who were eager to pose for her.

We came late to the game "Angry Birds" at our house but we know that the birds and pigs aren't on friendly terms. So I asked on of the pig lovers at the fest how she felt about the birds - she doesn't give them any mind. They're not real. :)The Farmers' blimp did a fascinating exhibition of radio controlled acrobatics. I was impressed when it flew overhead and then went straight up a couple of hundred feet. Whoa!One of the three balloons that went airborne last night.One of the vendors at the event. He is selling guns that glow. Looked neat at dusk.Some of faces in the crowd enjoying the show.

What type of camera was most evident? Why the camera phone of course!

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