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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This winter we spent a week in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. It was a welcome break from the cold winter weather in Philadelphia. Posted by Picasa

Island Seas Resort. This is where we stayed. They are supposed to be doing a lot of renovations to make it more desirable. We had a good time. We rented a car across the street and went all over the island. Then we returned to our home base and enjoyed quiet time away from the bustle in Port Lucaya. Posted by Picasa

Count Basie Square at Port Lucaya. From left to right: Pam, Karen, Francie, John and me, Bob. Posted by Picasa

Sea side view of where we stayed. I was about 100 yards out to get the shot. The water was deep and I was trying to hold the camera steady while I floated on my back, trying to keep my feet out of the picture. It was hard work for a chubby old man. I said to myself, "you must be nuts. Why didn't you just get take a boat out here?" Posted by Picasa

Low tide is a time for exploring and being a kid again. Warren found several natural treasures. Posted by Picasa

Francie enjoying the beach with no one around. Posted by Picasa

Three sisters: Pam, Francie and Karen. Posted by Picasa

Francie spent the week in the sun. I covered up and treked up and down the beaches. Here I'm resting on one of many trees that fell over. Posted by Picasa

The facilities at Paradise Cove were destroyed in one of 2005's hurricanes. They reopened the week before we came. We visited on March 5, 2006, and virtually had the resort to ourselves Posted by Picasa

Low tide. Right on the horizon are the Paradise Cove facilities. Posted by Picasa

Low tide. Revealing the distinct patterns of the coral and sand. Posted by Picasa

The snorkeling area is by the island in the distance. There are rest areas where weary swimmers can hold on to catch their breath. The boat is to pickup folks who are in distress. While we were there, they made a rescue run. Posted by Picasa

Fish and coral. Point and shoot is what I did -- the pictures were a surprize, I had no idea what would turn out. Posted by Picasa

This was my first attempt at snorkeling. There were a couple of good shots but dozens and dozens of poor shots. Taking pictures underwater is challenging! Posted by Picasa

I met this young couple on the beach. They were gracious enough to let me get a couple of shots in the golden light as the sun was setting Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jonathan Elias Simrak on his birthday! Posted by Picasa