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Thursday, December 29, 2005

An old time steam locomotive from the early 18oos. One of the sights on our post Christmas outing to experience the days when steam was king. Posted by Picasa

One of the big steam enginges at the National Rail Road Museum in Strasburg, PA. Posted by Picasa

This diesel locomotive had a sixteen cylinder engine to drive the generators that powered the electric motors. Posted by Picasa

An early Ford automobile. It was said that you could have any color car you wanted as long as it was black. Posted by Picasa

Called a "thermos bottle on wheels," this locomotive doesn't make its own steam. It is filled from a central source running for several hours on a single charge of steam. Because there is no combustion this locomotive was used in places like munition factories. Posted by Picasa

Some of the cold tourists. Surprisingly there was a fairly big crowd the day we were there - December 28th. Posted by Picasa

An early rail road hand car. Posted by Picasa

This shot does not do justice to all that is in the main building. There shot shows less than a fourth of the available space and display area. Posted by Picasa

An overhead view from the walkway above the displays. Posted by Picasa

Relaxing after a chilly afternoon in the Pennsylvania Train Museum. It makes perfect sense but I didn't realize they don't really heat the building. The trains don't mind the cold. It was 40 degrees in the building but warm as toast in the lounge car. There was a pot belly coal burning stove in the corner. Posted by Picasa

No this isn't the dining car. Only Braden has something to eat. Posted by Picasa

Our ride in the lounge car is almost over. Braden is ready to go. Posted by Picasa

A worth while visit tot he Choo Choo Barn a 1,700 square foot celebration of miniature railroading. Posted by Picasa

What the Choo Choo Barn is famous for -- trains. Posted by Picasa

Garrick gets a higher view, a better perspective to take it all in. Posted by Picasa

Amish community raises a barn. Posted by Picasa

Elevated train. Posted by Picasa

Marching bands parade down Main Street. Posted by Picasa

Braden is fascinated with the miniature trains, cars, people and towns. Posted by Picasa

This burning house is within a block of the fire station. So help is quickly on the way! Posted by Picasa

One of many locomotives in the Choo Choo Barn. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Stacey designed a logo and had a sign made for my favorite activity. Early next year, we'll have a web site up too! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Eve. Stacey with Braden. He started to stand on his own tonight. Posted by Picasa

Chris was behind his video camera most of the night -- shooting Alie. Finally he let us see his face. Posted by Picasa

Garrick couldn't wait. We gave him an early present--three artists performing his favorite Christmas song, Little Drummer Boy.  Posted by Picasa